Blowers / Fans

Centrifugal Fan

Fume extraction systems for use within the fume hood or fume cupboard in all laboratories is a critical element of safety and maintaining control of corrosive chemicals and gasses.  Personnel protection must be maintained at all costs and that is the reason the last generation of polypropylene and centrifugal blowers/fans have been developed for the laboratory market

All components of the DURA-FAN blower are made of molded Polypropylene (PP) and provide excellent protection against corrosive fumes and aggressive exhaust vapors.  All DURA-FANS are designed for outdoor application.  Fans are easily maintained due to their two part molded construction.


DURA-FANs are installed wherever moist, acidic, or chemical fumes are present in the fume hood and ducting system.  The DURA-FAN eliminates the vapors within the ducting and the fume hood making the laboratory environment safe and productive for future experiments and testing procedures.

Blower/fans with varying horse power motors are incorporated within the laboratory in such facilities as educational institutions, universities, hospitals, water treatment plants, pharmaceutical operations, petrochemical facilities, and similar applications.


DURA-Fans’s are produced of High Density (HD) Polypropylene plastics and the base motor is made of galvanized steel.  The motor support and the mounting attachment stands are also made of high-grade steel.  The housing is constructed of high density PP in order to provide maximum resistance to corrosion or attack by harsh chemicals.  Fiberglass or FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic) construction is also available upon request.  The impellers and casing/housing are to be used in temperatures up to but not exceeding 180 degree F or approx 80 degree C.


The forward curve centrifugal housing and impeller can be positioned in eight (8) different configurations in 45 degree increments, based on the available spacing and configuration of the roof or ceiling mounting locations.  Both clockwise and counter clockwise application may be utilized.


All DURA-FANs are quality controlled and tested for dependability and wear ability.  Their sound and technically advanced construction provides long lasting dependability and proper extraction of chemical fumes and hazardous vapors.  Owner or maintenance personnel must undertake annual reviews and inspection as recommended by supplier to assure the continuous operation of the fans and their components.


DURA-FANs are warranted for one (1) year from time of purchase and warrant that all Fans/Blowers and their motors are free of production defects in workmanship and materials used.  Proper maintenance must be conducted on all parts within the warranty period and beyond.  Warrant will be void if damage to the impeller, housing etc is caused by improper instillation or wiring of all connections.