Duratop Epoxy Sinks


Underside or under counter mount / lipped drop in Duratop Epoxy sinks are molded in one piece construction with inside corners coved, bottom dished or pitched to the drain outlet. All Duratop epoxy sinks, which are produced in the USA of the same material as the lab top counter tops or bench toppings, are resistant to high mechanical or thermal shock. Liquid Nitrogen or Dry Ice should never be placed on the counter tops or into the epoxy sinks, at any time or duration.

The list below provides a complete list of under counter mount and lipped drop-in epoxy sinks.   Type U-24 and U-35 are normally stocked in the Singapore office and other models may be ordered as required.  Drain outlets, over flows and stoppers are provided with each sink set.

Click to view the under counter mount and lipped drop-in sinks.