About Us

Wholesome (S) Pte Ltd was established as a major supplier of quality laboratory equipments, water and gas fixtures, eye wash and emergency drench showers for the laboratory market of Singapore.  As markets have expanded and demand from surrounding countries has increased, Wholesome Singapore has also expanded with product now being made available throughout the South East Asian region.  With more than 15 years of service to the laboratory market, with trained laboratory design draftsman and trained installers at the customer service level, Wholesome Laboratory is well positioned to supply the growing customer base in the Asia markets.

Several years ago, Wholesome partnered with an American supplier of quality laboratory worktops or bench toppings in order to supply Epoxy Resin and Solid Phenolics to the SEA market to complement the water fixture requirements of the many labs in Singapore, such as Middle schools, High Schools, University, private sector Polytechnic facilities, etc.

Today, Wholesome lab equipment supply Company is a major provider in the SEA laboratory market supplying a wide array of products to include Duratop Epoxy Resin Counter tops and Epoxy Sinks, Marine edge molded or applied edge detail, Resistop Solid Phenolic Counter tops, Chemical Resistant HPL laminates, Polypropylene sinks and Drain outlets / overflows / traps and related accessory.  In addition, Wholesome has responded to their customer base when asked to supply quality wood and steel furniture or combination’s of the two materials.  With 1600 square meter facility within Singapore and Malaysia, Wholesome is now providing all segments of the Institutional market, Private sector laboratories, Hospital facilities, Polytechnic, University, high school, secondary schools, etc with quality and competitively priced Fume Hoods, Acid storage cabinets, steel and wood furniture, and all complementary accessories required in wet and dry laboratory environments.

Supplied from the United States, Duratop Epoxy and Solid Phenolic Resistop are being fabricated in Singapore with exports throughout the South East Asian marketplace.  With offices in Jakarta Indonesia and Singapore, Wholesome is strategically positioned to provide quality products at a cost advantage over competitors who are limited in their sources and scope of supply for laboratory materials and furniture.

Our committed approach to service and delivery is matched by our brand track record. To date, we have many project references within South East Asia and we are expecting more to be added in the near future.