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A Leading Laboratory Supplier in Southeast Asia

Laboratory equipment has been changing and evolving over the past 5-10 years, and Wholesome Pte. Ltd. of Singapore has been at the forefront of  researching and developing products required for the laboratory market. We are specialized in supplying laboratory equipment, casework, fume hoods, laboratory counter tops, water and gas fixtures and much more. Wholesome Singapore represents many of the leading  international lab furniture, laboratory supply, and laboratory equipment manufacturers in the USA and Asia.

Our Duratop epoxy and phenolic resin Resistop, epoxy and PP sinks, fume hoods, and lab accessories are products that are changing the way architects and consultants consider materials for their clients and the laboratory environment.


In a increasingly demanding market, we are committed to ongoing research and development of the highest quality and most affordable products on the market. Our products and accessories are available today, including our Duratop and Resistop product line of sinks, counter tops, water and gas fixtures, eye wash and emergency drench showers!

Laboratory equipment has changed. Don’t be left behind testing on laminate counter tops or inferior plastic or acrylic counter tops. Our laboratory equipment supply company provides you with the most competitive epoxy and phenolic resin fume hoods bases, laboratory counter tops, steel and wooden furniture, and accessories.  Contact us today for price quotations, installation services and much more.